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  1. [TutsNode.net] - Microsoft Sentinel Skills/4. Costs & Billing.mp4298.04 MB
  2. TutsNode.com.txt63 bytes
  3. [TGx]Downloaded from torrentgalaxy.to .txt585 bytes
  4. .pad/0981.13 KB
  5. [TutsNode.net] - Microsoft Sentinel Skills/3. Roles & Permissions.mp4294.50 MB
  6. .pad/1510.79 KB
  7. [TutsNode.net] - Microsoft Sentinel Skills/5. On-Boarding.mp4263.20 MB
  8. .pad/2820.00 KB
  9. [TutsNode.net] - Microsoft Sentinel Skills/11. Create Anomaly Detection Analytics Rules.mp4257.99 MB
  10. .pad/38.98 KB
  11. [TutsNode.net] - Microsoft Sentinel Skills/2. Prerequisites.mp4253.94 MB
  12. .pad/456.43 KB
  13. [TutsNode.net] - Microsoft Sentinel Skills/8. Connect Threat Intelligence Platforms.mp4253.87 MB
  14. .pad/5137.40 KB
  15. [TutsNode.net] - Microsoft Sentinel Skills/12. Enable User & Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA).mp4247.71 MB
  16. .pad/6294.34 KB
  17. [TutsNode.net] - Microsoft Sentinel Skills/6. Getting Acquainted.mp4244.08 MB
  18. .pad/7939.42 KB
  19. [TutsNode.net] - Microsoft Sentinel Skills/9. Use Azure Monitor Workbooks.mp4242.66 MB
  20. .pad/8344.92 KB
  21. [TutsNode.net] - Microsoft Sentinel Skills/13. Configure Multistage Attack Detection (Fusion) Rules.mp4240.10 MB
  22. .pad/9923.88 KB
  23. [TutsNode.net] - Microsoft Sentinel Skills/10. Create Custom Analytics Rules.mp4216.33 MB
  24. .pad/10684.13 KB
  25. [TutsNode.net] - Microsoft Sentinel Skills/7. Discover & Deploy Out-of-the-box Content.mp4209.60 MB
  26. .pad/11412.93 KB
  27. [TutsNode.net] - Microsoft Sentinel Skills/1. Overview.mp481.83 MB